Paroles de Blue Condition : Eric Clapton

  • Le: 22.08.2014 00:00:12
  • Dans: B

Don't take the wrong direction passing through
Instead of deep reflection of what's true,
For it's a combination of judgments made by you
That cause a deep dejection all the way through.< ...

Paroles de Balade En Bugatti : Michel Fugain

  • Le: 17.08.2014 00:01:12
  • Dans: B

Viens je t'emmène avec moi, en balade
Tu laisses tout on s'en va, en balade
Ma Bugatti sport de mil neuf cent trente
N'attend plus que toi
Crois-moi, tu seras contente
Paris-Deauvil ...

Paroles de Back To Your Heart : Backstreet Boys

  • Le: 12.08.2014 00:01:32
  • Dans: B

It's not that I can't live without you
It's just that I don't even want to try
Every night I dream about you
Ever since the day we said goodbye
If I wasn't such a fool
Right now I'd ...

Paroles de BEP Empire : Black Eyed Peas

  • Le: 06.08.2014 00:00:17
  • Dans: B

Three, four..

Chk UHH.. chk UHH..

I'm the W-I, double-L-I-Am
Linkin up with the Primo, do it (do it)
He's the T-to-the-A-to-the-B-oh-oh
Linkin up with the Primo, do it (do i ...

Paroles de Bonhomme (S) : Sinik

  • Le: 05.08.2014 00:00:19
  • Dans: B

Comme un bonhomme
Comme un bonhomme

Tu regardes les gens dans les yeux, tu es loyal envers tes gars, tu
crois que t'es calme mais personne ne sait vraiment de quoi t'es cap

E ...

Paroles de Blasphemy (feat Prince Ital) : 2 Pac

  • Le: 05.08.2014 00:00:19
  • Dans: B

[music from To Live & Die in L.A. fades]

[This Week in Bible Prophecy]
God has a plan -- and the bible unfolds that wonderful plan
through the message of prophecy
God sent Jesus in ...

Paroles de Banks Victory : 50 Cent

  • Le: 31.07.2014 00:01:12
  • Dans: B

[50 Cent]
Yo, yo we can't stay alive forever
So if shit hit the fan then we might as well die together
I'm high as ever, more holes and more cheddar
G-Unit move around wit them pounds ...

Paroles de Breakin' Up : Gwen Stefani

  • Le: 24.07.2014 00:16:26
  • Dans: B

How sick is this?
How sick is this?

You know, you know you want to call me back
You know, you know you want to call me back
You know, you know you want to call me back

Paroles de Braveheart Party : Nas

  • Le: 23.07.2014 00:00:18
  • Dans: B

(feat. Mary J. Blige, Jungle & Wiz)

[Intro (Nas)]
Yeah... ay yo Jungle... ay yo Wiz...
Come on man... Let's do this
It's a Braveheart party y'all

[Chorus (Mary)]

Paroles de Be Mine (R) : R.E.M.

  • Le: 22.07.2014 00:02:04
  • Dans: B

I never thought of this as funny
It speaks another world to me
I wanna be your Easter bunny
I wanna be your Christmas tree.

I'll strip the world that you must live in
of all its ...

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